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  1. 玩具訂貨通用須知以規則


  1. 由於日本動漫玩具以及卡牌訂貨特殊性,所有預售以及批發預定商品必須支付訂金(Deposit/定金/保證金),其一般為貨款的30-50%。貨物上市月第一週或送至敝公司倉庫前支付尾數(尾款/Balance Due);

Due to the particularity of Japanese animation toys and Trade Card Game (TCG) orders, all retail pre-sales and wholesale pre-sales must pay a deposit (訂金/定金/保證金), which is generally 30-50% of the total price. The balance due(尾數/尾款) is required to paid in the first week of the month or before they were delivered to our warehouse;

  1. 所有預售或庫存商品,無論是部分訂金還是全額付款,下單成功之後不接受任何退款,所有銷售金額和條款均為最終合約;

For all pre-sale or in-stock products, Whether a partial deposit or full payment has been made, no refund will be accepted after the order is placed successfully, and all sales and terms are final sale;

  1. 不接受任何理由的違約。尾數支付通知將會發送至原訂單所預留的電子郵件(email)7個工作日內未付訖視為均視為棄單違約;違約將會導致先前支付的訂金充公作為違約賠償;違約將會導致敝公司積壓庫存和墊付資金,造成損失。

No breach of contract will be accepted for any reason. The Balance Due payment notification will be sent to the email filled in the original order. Failure of settlement within 7 working days is deemed to be a breach of contract; breach of contract will result in the confiscation of the previously paid deposit as compensation for breach of contract; breach of contract will result in our company's backlog of inventory and advance funds, resulting in actual losses.

  1. 我们也不接受任何因1a),1b)或者其他理由而提出的換單換貨。請閣下或貴公司保持應有的契約精神;

We also do not accept any exchange of orders due to clause 1(a), 1(b) or other reasons. We urge you or your company to maintain the spirit of the contract;

  1. 發貨前我們倉庫同事会磅秤並按公斤(kg)而額外收取運輸費(包郵訂單除外)。相關費用會通過郵件或者其他通訊方式發出賬單給閣下或貴公司;

Before shipping dispatch, our warehouse colleagues will weigh and charge additional shipping fees by kilogram (kg) (except for free shipping orders). Relevant fees will be billed to you or your company by mail or other means of communication;

  1. 逾期7個工作日不支付運輸費用,我们將會默認使用香港順豐到付作出訂單交付。拒收將會導致貨物被速遞公司銷毀。由於買方而拒付而產生的一切額外費用或損失責任均在違約方。

If the shipping fee is not being paid within 7 working days after the due date, we will use Hong Kong SF Express to deliver the order by default. Rejection will result in the goods being destroyed by the courier company. All additional costs or losses due to the buyer's refusal to pay are liable to the defaulting party.


  1. 熱門產品以及新品預購條款和條件


  1. 具體得貨數量取決於品牌方的庫存情況,品牌方極有可能因庫存不足而減單;

The specific quantity of goods obtained depends on the inventory situation of the brand side, and the brand side is very likely to reduce the order due to insufficient inventory;

  1. 如果客戶堅持或強烈要求保證首批貨物,我們無法滿足。我們不接受此類訂單;

If the customer insists or strongly requests to guarantee the first shipment, we cannot satisfy. We do not accept such orders;

  1. 如下單我們默認閣下或者貴司知曉、同意以及接受2b)條款訂貨前提;

For the following order, we default that you or your company know, agree and accept the ordering conditions of Clause 2(b);

  1. 一旦客戶的訂單第一批無法滿足,默認自動順延至後一批;

Once the customer's order cannot be satisfied in the first batch, it will be automatically postponed to the next batch by default;

  1. 如來貨不足,我們會退返相應數量的貨品的貨款。

If the goods are insufficient, we will refund the payment for the corresponding quantity of goods.

  1. 關於發票


  • THREES COLLECTIONS為香港以及中國內地註冊商標,商標持有人為在香港註冊的私人有限公司法團REZ TRADING LIMITED(瑞恩梓有限公司)。敝公司在中國內地並無法開具任何形式的增值稅或者普通發票(fapiao)。我們公司根據當地香港律以及稅務要求開具商業發票(Invoice);

•THREES COLLECTIONS is a registered trademark in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and the trademark owner is REZ TRADING LIMITED, a private limited company registered in Hong Kong. Our company cannot issue any form of value-added tax or ordinary invoices (fapiao) in mainland China. Our company issues commercial invoices (Invoice) according to local Hong Kong laws and tax requirements;

  • 《中華人民共和國發票管理辦法》第三十四條規定:“單位和個人從中國境外取得的與納稅有關的發票或者憑證,稅務機關在納稅審查時有疑義的,可以要求其提供境外公證機構或者註冊會計師的確認證明,經稅         務機關審核認可後,方可作為記賬核算的憑證。”因此,貴公司取得境外憑證可以列支,但稅務機關審查時需要由貴單位提供確認證明。

•Article 34 of the Measures for the Administration of Invoices of the People's Republic of China stipulates: “In case of invoices or vouchers related to tax payment obtained by units and individuals from outside China, the tax authorities may ask them to provide overseas notary agencies if they have doubts during the tax review. Or the confirmation certificate of a certified public accountant can only be used as a certificate for bookkeeping and accounting after being reviewed and approved by the taxation authority.” Therefore, your company can be listed as an expense when it obtains an overseas certificate, but your company needs to provide a confirmation certificate when the taxation authority examines it.

  1. 交易平台


  1. 基於批發以及預售等商業特殊性和特點。我們不會在內地淘寶、閒魚或者其他第三方交易平台進行預售或者批發商業交易;

Based on commercial particularities and characteristics such as wholesale and pre-sale. We will not conduct pre-sales or wholesale commercial transactions on Taobao, Xianyu or other third-party trading platforms in the Mainland;

  1. 所有交易需在我們官網進行。

All transactions must be conducted on our official website and online store.

  1. 交易貨幣以及支付方式


  1. 所有預售訂貨或者批發訂貨均使用港元(HKD)進行計價結算;

All pre-sale orders or wholesale orders are priced and settled in Hong Kong dollars (HKD);

  1. 我們官網以及公司已經接入銀聯、支付寶香港、支付寶中國、微信支付等。相關港元的金額將會按照當天外匯匯率扣除閣下人民幣費用,並不會佔用閣下個人外匯額度;

Our official website and company have been connected to UnionPay, Alipay Hong Kong, Alipay China, WeChat Pay, etc. The relevant Hong Kong dollar amount will be deducted from your RMB fee according to the foreign exchange rate of the day, and will not occupy your personal foreign exchange quota;

  1. 如使用國際信用卡(VISA/MASTER)我們會額外加收3%交易費。

An additional 3% transaction fee will be charged if use of an international credit card (VISA/Master)


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